About Us

For nearly a century, U.S. Axle has used engineering and process expertise to collaborate with OEMs and manufacture to-spec heavy equipment axles, shafts, and cylinders.

U.S. Axle, Inc main headquarters

Our Pottstown, Pennsylvania facility is fully equipped to efficiently produce reliable, individualized parts overseen by an experienced staff and integrated process.

Our processes focus on manufacturing quality parts for OEMs in Agriculture, Construction, Heavy Trucks, Rail, Down Hole Drilling Markets, and other industries.

The U.S. Axle management team brings deep process, engineering, and business expertise, allowing us to meet and exceed the expectations of some of the most valued producers in heavy industries. We are strongly committed to offering our customers unmatched service and technical assistance to meet the most demanding applications. Through a continued focus on improving processes and engineering techniques, we always seek to exceed client expectations in manufacturing, customer service, and technical assistance.

Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with customers by offering unmatched service and technical assistance. We focus on improving product delivery, performance, reliability and cost – helping our customers compete in today’s volatile markets.